Project Gravity X is a four wheeled, downhill mountain bike building project. Inspired by the activities of the Rough Riderz club and driven by the amazing feedback from past participants, the aim is to build a gravity bike here in the UK, to increase participation in the sport.

This will help to introduce the inclusive sport of 4 wheel biking to a much wider audience, making it accessible to more disabled and able-bodied people alike, promoting it as an integrated sport worldwide.

Working with some of the leading designers, manufacturers and other experts within the MTB industry and beyond, the aim is to create the best possible gravity bike for performance in any downhill MTB environment.

Our main goal is to build an affordable 4 wheeled downhill bike that is fun to ride, simple to service and easy to maintain for any aspiring gravity bikers wishing to get involved in the sport.

The new bike frame design is based around a proven and previously successful model, with improvements made to the handling, performance and ease of using this type of specialist equipment. This will be achieved with significant changes to the brakes, wheels, hubs, seating, steering and suspension.

It will also have high quality mountain bike components fitted throughout, with additional improvements to the frame layout too.

It has been redesigned to meet all the required criteria, right down to the standardisation of bolt and thread sizes and using durable, high performance bearings and other materials, to create the best ever four wheel downhill machine for use by fans of the sport.

The finished product will also feature many optional upgrades, in addition to the standard set up, for those wishing to personalise the bike to suit their own style and budget.

We are very excited about producing a new look, a new direction and a new era for the UK's gravity biking scene! We have already been in touch with various groups and organisations, who have reacted very positively to our long term ambition of creating a fully integrated downhill racing scene.

However, we would still appeal to any companies that are interested in this project to help us, by offering a donation of components and parts, relevant expertise and/or sponsorship to assist in the production of the final model.

The prototype machine will be manufactured and ready for thorough trail testing early this year, with the final production model of the bike being ready and available to purchase from Gravity Mountain Bikes as soon as possible in 2016.

Please keep checking the new website and follow our various social media channels (see links below) for the latest news and developments on what we aim to offer our customers, the best gravity bike ever produced!